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El tikal en guatemala

Tikal in Guatemala

Tikal National Park in Guatemala ranks fifth among the best travel experiences in Central America, according to a survey released by TripAdvisor.

The day trip to Tikal, travelling by air from Guatemala City, was ranked among the top 10 destinations for being an exciting tour to discover the beauty and history of Mayan ruins.

Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979, it is the largest excavated site in the Americas with 576 square kilometers of lush jungle surrounding the ceremonial center, a breathtaking landscape that continues to amaze with new discoveries about the achivements of population and cities.

The Mayan culture excelled for its sophisticated systems of agriculture, arts and astronomy. In general, it is considered that the era of greatest apogee for this civilization, which some archaeologists refer to as the Classical Period, occurred around A.D. 250-900.
Recently hidden secrets that Tikal has kept for centuries have been uncovered through a project headed by Pacunam, a Guatemalan non-profit organization.

Not far from the famous tourist sites, such as the high temples of the ancient city of Tikal, approximately 60,000 huts, palaces, tombs and even roads were discovered in the humid lowlands thanks to laser technology.