Manos Amigas Guatemala
Volcan de fuego

Volcano of Fire

It was June 3rd when Guatemala’s Fuego Volcano roared. The result was columns of ash and pyroclastic flows that caused the death of dozens of people and the displacement of thousands, with more than a million people affected. A month later, this is what we know:

The number of deaths is 116 and the number of missing persons is 197. The number of wounded dropped to 28, according to the latest report by the National Coordination for Disaster Reduction (CONRED).

There are 1,714,387 people affected by the eruption of Fuego volcano. 12,823 people have been evacuated and 8,534 have been hospitalized.

There are still 16 active shelters that accommodate a total of 3,643 people who cannot return to their homes. A dozen are in Escuintla, in the southwest of the country. The other four shelters are in Sacatepéquez, north of Escuintla.

The recovery strategy that the Government has developed after the eruption of the Fire Volcano involves the creation of temporary single-family shelters. After this, the government promised to build approximately one thousand houses with basic facilities for each family.

The effects of the explosion are still visible. CONRED reported that the volcano continues to be monitored as it keeps emitting gases and ash columns that reach 4,300 meters above sea level.