Manos Amigas Guatemala
Sour Marcella with kids

A warm message from the founder, Suor Marcella

We received a heartwarming message from our founder Suor Marcella as she celebrated her birthday on the 18th of January :

‘It doesn’t matter from how far we come, what we do, or what our social status is. What counts is how much we want to help’

On the night of the 18th a group of friends all joined me to celebrate my birthday. We organised an ethnic dinner, where everyone contributed by bringing a dish from his or her country or region. At the end of the dinner, myself and my travel companions begun to share with guests stories of Guatemala and our experiences being at Manos Amigas. At the end of the evening we received a small donation from friends and family, which has all been sent to the foundation and children we care for.

The love and affection which we continue to receive from the mothers and children of the foundation, is what drives our passion and commitment to helping them. The small donation which we received on the evening of my birthday is simply a result of the stories we shared.  It is through these acts – both symbolic and concrete, that each of us helps the centre grow. Whether it’s donating a small sum, or simply raising awareness of the centre, we are all helping Manos Amigas.

therefore want to thank everyone that contributed in some way. This was a very special birthday and I realised how everyone’s efforts to help are allowing the foundation to continue growing.

Suor Marcella.