A Home

The philosophy of the Centre is not only to offer to mothers and their children a home to start a new life. It is above all, to offer a period of tranquillity and peace so these women can train and learn skills to transform their lives.

Within the centre, women can learn and work in different areas such as in the farm, the Kitchen, the Nursery, the Bakery, and Tailor shop, among others.

The Centre also runs a residential home for children studying in the centre and offers financial support to youths studying at the university.

Manos Amigas  has left a strong imprint on all of those that have been lucky enough to  have stayed at the Centre.



families received help from the Centre over the past year.

children received aid over the past year.


teenagers are attending school at the Manos Amigas Centre.

students from our Centre have either graduated or are attending a university.


houses built where mothers live with their children.


Education is the future for our children. Our goal at Manos Amigas is for all our children to become the professionals of the future. The Foundation promotes education in order to break the poverty cycles and empower the local population.

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Manos Amigas provides primary and ambulatory medical care. Thanks to volunteers from the USA, dental care campaigns have been carried out for our 15 years. Health education is just as important as health care and here our oncology clinic and the campaigns we conduct with mothers play a special role. Our goal is to provide health education and preventive healthcare to ensure a safer and healthier life for everyone in our community.

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Sustainability and self-management

Our farm is a learning environment and a sustainable source of produce used to provide nutrition to our community. Our goal is the pursuit of respect for our social and natural environment, self-management with personal and material resources and long-term sustainability.

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Local culture

Guatemala is a multi-ethnic country, made up of 22 provinces and many hamlets and villages. Many people of different ethnicity are among the most vulnerable as they have limited access to basic services and women are more often victims of violence. In Manos Amigas everyone lives and is supported by people of different Guatemalan cultures and ethnic groups. Differences are not a limiting factor when you are willing to help and pulling through.

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The main objective of our housing program is to provide mothers with time and space to thrive and train, in order to shape a new future for themselves. They are not only provided with accommodation; they actually get the opportunity to have a home where they can prosper and live with their family. To achieve this objective, the Manos Amigas Foundation provides needy families with a house for 3 years. In addition, during this period, we provide education for their children, healthcare, nutrition and education.

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The Manos Amigas Centre in Guatemala is a home that provides education and healthcare to children and their mothers through self-management and female empowerment. A project born in 1980s thanks to Sister Marcella has changed the lives of more than 5,000 children and their mothers.

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Pc, Personal connection with the world

We guarantee equal rights of access to information, so all our students can get a better education.

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We love our yellow buses

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