Manos Amigas Guatemala


We, the women, hold the power of change.
Through courage and struggle, women can be protagonists in the fight against inequality and promote social change for the better.

Female Empowerment at Manos Amigas

Managed by women

The Manos Amigas foundation is entirely managed by women and for women.
From general administration to healthcare and nutrition, we are aware of the vital role women are called to play in the economy of families, the community and our country.

The foundation provides shelter and work for these mothers

One of the objectives of Manos Amigas is to support the sheltered women, offering training to improve their living conditions and to enable them to participate actively in the growth and welfare of community.

Psychological support and empowerment

The foundation has a Department of Psychology which helps motivate single mothers and encourages them to pursue a new life. We offer support to children that present problems in different aspects, such as health issues or due to abandonment. People are well treated and included in the training circle.

Women's role

Manos Amigas works for the empowerment of women in Guatemala through entrepreneurship and training. Women here are the protagonists of their own empowerment.

The Manos Amigas Foundation offers training and education. However, it is our women themselves who commit to developing their capacity to forge their own opportunities and create a better life.