What does it mean to sponsor a child at Manos Amigas?

Sponsoring a child in Manos Amigas means giving them access to a decent home, a balanced diet, education and healthcare, along with the opportunity of enjoying this together with their family. Sponsorship is one of the most effective ways to collaborate, your contribution will help this person as well as many others in the community.

Being a sponsor means becoming an essential part of children's lives.

How are your monies spent? 90% of all donations are spent on the children, the mothers and on the Centre. Only 10%  is spent in administration.

The children of the Centre

Your contribution



As a sponsor you will receive information about the progress of your contribution.


You will see the growth of the child that you are supporting, you will receive photographs and drawings of him/her.


The communication with the child will be constant via ordinary mail and online.



The Foundation encourages meetings between sponsors and children. Trips are organized from Italy.