Manos Amigas Guatemala

The children's home

The Centre provides necessary support to all people to overcome adversity and in the future, grow as professionals and be able to face any problems society may pose. At the centre they receive education, healthcare, food and a comfortable home where they can live with dignity. At present, many of the students obtain university scholarships.

Manos Amigas opens its doors to children and their mothers from all over Guatemala. It doesn't matter their race, culture, religion, customs or birthplace as we only aim to support vulnerable families. Currently there are more than 100 families with two to five people in each, not forgetting the many families who have already left the Center and who we continue to support in their new lives.

Life in the Center shows that differences are no obstacle to supporting each other. We learn to love each other and that we are all part of one big family. Thanks to the quality of life provided by the Foundation, together we face the different problems that life may pose.

Our Children

Drawings of the Children of the Centre Manos Amigas